The TMJaw Advantage
What The System Includes

A combination of all natural products, chosen carefully to promote the health of the jaw joints (TMJ) by working on the muscles, nerves and internal compartment of the TMJ. Cellulose capsule to insure no animal products are used. "Please elaborate and modify to make it sound better!"


TMJ soothing in a tube. Topical cream that temporarily helps relive minor aches and pains of the muscles and joints associated with TMJ pain. Gentle on the skin and easy to use.

Bite Guard

This uniquely designed guard worn on the lower teeth signals the brain to stop teeth clinching when upper teeth touches it. This will protect the teeth from being damaged and chipped, and will relief the pressure on the jaw joint and the TMJ disc. Custom made guards are also available for a perfect fit.

Jaw Exercises

These are five different jaw exercises that can be done throughout the day to help relive jaw pain, strengthen your jaw muscles, increase mobility and promote healing for your TMJ. Some of the exercises include forward and side-to-side jaw movements as well as resisting closing and opening of the mouth.

We like to call them, "5-5-5 Exercises"